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Reading Tukaram Maharaj’s simple, profound words aloud, I realize how often I experience the states he describes. When I share with my sadhana friends, they too speak of how their practices are steeped in the name of God, in love and joy. I love hearing them tell how these states stay in their awareness and flow through their day.
I am filled with awe, wonder, and gratitude to be living in the company of a saint such as Gurumayi.
She is the powerful form of God who lives in my Heart—and her presence there fills my world.

a Siddha Yogi from Adelaide, Australia

This beautiful abhanga by Tukaram Maharaj fills me with gratitude for having a living Guru in my life.
I understand that only a Sadguru, a true master, can rightly teach me about God. And I have faith that by following Gurumayi’s teachings with devotion—and with awareness of the balance between grace and sweet self-effort—I can attune myself to my Guru’s Heart.
What a blessing it is to have such an extraordinary Guru as Gurumayi!

a Siddha Yogi from Mar del Plata, Argentina