Chanting Baba’s Name

Baba Muktananda traveled throughout the world, imparting the Siddha Yoga teachings. And wherever Baba went, you would be sure to find the sounds of chanting filling the air.

Baba taught that chanting divine names purifies our being, opens our hearts, releases the flow of love, and makes us receptive to grace. Baba also taught that as the reverberations of chanting suffuse the atmosphere, they serve to uplift the world.

Chanting Baba's name with Gurumayi is a delightful way to celebrate Baba's Birthday and to honor his life and the magnanimous legacy he bestowed.

Gurumayi composed the melody for this namasankirtana in the Jivanpuri raga, which evokes tender feelings of gratitude and longing for God.

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audio length: 5:12 minutes  
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Om Namo Bhagavate Muktanandaya Words and Meaning
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