Aisi Kari Shri Gurudeva Daya
by Poet-Saint Brahmananda

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There is something about this picture that stops me every time I look at it. I feel as if I’m falling into my heart, into the most absolutely exquisite joy. It may be something about the combination of colors—lots of white flowers and other colors, although slightly subdued—and the young hands in a beautiful posture of devotion. White opens out from the center and highlights the hands. My heart area is enraptured to see such purity and beauty.

a Siddha Yogi from Washington, USA

Brahmananda’s words, The Lord pervades everywhere, are especially meaningful to me in my present circumstances.

I'm selling my home, and I had to take down my puja and empty my meditation room. Without any of the forms I love there to remind me, I’ve been more focused within. And I feel the presence of my Guru constantly.

I see that it has actually been a blessing to be forced to be more consciously aware and to remember that the Lord is with me all the time, and that I am with the Lord.

a Siddha Yogi from Arizona, USA

After experiencing a rather difficult few days, I was feeling somewhat dry inside. My remedy was to play the beautiful “Sounds of the Heart” CD, as the purity of the children’s voices intermingling with Gurumayi’s voice immediately shifts my state and uplifts my heart.

As my mood gently lifted and my heart expanded with a sweet joy, I visited the home page of the Siddha Yoga path website and viewed this image. The flowers and the small, childlike hands in namaskar were the perfect picture of the fragrant sounds surrounding me. When I then read the words of Brahmananda, so simple and true, I felt as if the website teaching was confirming, "Yes, move beyond the drama of the world, and experience the bliss that is always there within you by the Guru's grace."

a Siddha Yogi from California, USA

This bhajan resounded deeply in me as a perfect description of my life—the vivid play of wandering and mistakenness brought to an end by the loving, compassionate gift of Shaktipat. The delight of a life illumined by the Guru's love. How much we have to celebrate! How much to be grateful for! How much angst we have been spared! How wonderful the blessings of our Guru. I have no words to fully describe my humility and gratitude.

a Siddha Yogi from Utah, USA

On reading Verse 4, I was struck by the question about what gift one could offer to the Guru in return for the knowledge of the Self.
I came to understand that the greatest gift would be to honor the Guru by carrying the Guru’s teachings in my own heart, to live the teachings I’ve been taught, and to become a reflection of those teachings in my everyday life with others.
Great joy and bliss arise naturally when I perceive what I have become by opening the gifts I’ve received through the Guru’s wish and compassion.

a Siddha Yogi from Florida, USA

I had heard of the Self before Gurumayi gave me shaktipat. I had tried so hard and long to sustain an experience of it, but all I attained was confusion and dismay. In one moment, with one compassionate glance, Gurumayi shifted my world so that all planets revolve around the sun of my own Self. Her compassion has made my life fulfilling and joyful beyond anything I could have imagined.
What gift can I offer my Guru? My unending gratitude.

a Siddha Yogi from Melbourne, Australia

Brahmananda's bhajan so beautifully articulates the great gift that it is to have a living Master in one's life. It is so special and rare to find a teacher to show you that God is not in just one distant place—God is EVERYWHERE!
Gurumayi has done exactly this for me. I am so grateful to walk the Siddha Yoga path and to have Gurumayi as my Guru. I love how Gurumayi finds so many ways and mediums to teach all of us that God is everywhere— and most importantly, that God is within our hearts.
Like Brahmananda, I ask myself how I can ever I repay my Guru for the immense gift that she has given me. One way for me is by offering seva and dakshina as an expression of my gratitude for having Gurumayi and the Siddha Yoga path in my life.

a Siddha Yogi from Missouri, USA

Last night, I had a lot of difficulty falling asleep due to my mind spinning around like a wheel. 
Eventually, I remembered to repeat the mantra, and what arose for me after a little while was the thought, "This is not real." I smiled a little to myself as my whirling thoughts suddenly seemed less substantial, almost absurd, and I was able to detach myself from them enough to relax into sleep. 
This morning, Brahmananda's poetry echoes what I felt last night, and I felt my mind fall still just looking at the words, He revealed to me that the world is a dream.
Thank you to the Guru for reminding me again and again to wake up to the truth.

a Siddha Yogi from New York, USA

I live in a time and culture that differ in many ways from that of Brahmananda. And I might have other ways to describe the entanglements from which my Guru has freed me. Yet the words of this bhajan touch me deeply.

I am reminded of how all the pieces of my life began to fall into place, all the frantic searching came to an end, when my Guru gave me an experience of God’s presence within my own being.

Thank you for posting this poem. Thank you, Gurumayi, for awakening my heart and uniting my mind with the Lord.

a Siddha Yoga meditation teacher