Siddha Yoga path

How to Make an Offering

You can make a dakshina offering at any time. Many Siddha Yogis offer dakshina to celebrate special occasions or honor those of others (such as a birthday or an anniversary). Siddha Yoga holidays are especially auspicious times to offer dakshina.

You can make a dakshina offering:
  • Online
  • By phone: Call 845-434-2000 ext 2390. Please have your credit card information ready.
  • By Mail or fax: Print the Dakshina Offering page and complete it using blue or black ink.
    Fax it to   845-436-2197
    Mail it to   SYDA Foundation
    Dakshina Office
    371 Brickman Road
    PO Box 600
    South Fallsburg, NY 12779-0600