Anniversary of Shri Guru Gita

Honoring the 42nd Anniversary of the Daily Recitation of
Shri Guru Gita

Baba Muktananda

On January 7, 1972, in Ganeshpuri, India, Baba Muktananda said,

Just today we have started reciting the Shri Guru Gita in the morning….

Shri Guru Gita is the foremost among all the gitas. It bestows all powers and realizations….

The name of this ashram is Shree Gurudev Ashram [Gurudev Siddha Peeth after 1978], it is dedicated to the Guru, and we chant Shri Guru Gita … because the Guru is our supreme deity.

In his beautiful introduction to the Siddha Yoga chanting book The Nectar of Chanting, Baba calls Shri Guru Gita “the one indispensable text.” This ancient scripture is a dialogue, in 182 verses, between Lord Shiva and the Goddess Parvati, in which Shiva teaches Parvati about the nature and greatness of the Guru.

In verse 167 of Shri Guru Gita, Lord Shiva says to Parvati,

There is nothing like Shri Guru Gita.
O beautiful one, this is the truth. This is the truth.

Since its inauguration, 42 years ago, Shri Guru Gita has been recited every day, with dedication and devotion, by Siddha Yogis around the world. In Siddha Yoga Ashrams, Shri Guru Gita is established as a morning practice within the Ashram Daily Schedule; in devotees’ homes and Siddha Yoga meditation centers, it is recited at different times throughout the day. At this very moment, somewhere in the world, blessings are being invoked by the recitation of Shri Guru Gita.

On July 31, 1988, in Shree Muktananda Ashram, Gurumayi Chidvilasananda said,

Shri Guru Gita is the song of the soul. It is the mantraraja, the “king of all mantras.”… Shri Guru Gita purifies and uplifts everything, inside and out. It is the complete purifier…. Just by chanting Shri Guru Gita, everything comes to you, you experience everything…. Every syllable of Shri Guru Gita is truly made up of light.

The recitation of Shri Guru Gita bestows countless blessings, both for those who recite it and those on whose behalf it is recited.

It strengthens their devotion,

deepens their knowledge and experience of the supreme Self,

enriches their sadhana,

and transforms their lives.

This sacred text is treasured by Siddha Yoga devotees.

May the divine glance of Shri Guru ever dwell upon all!