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An Excerpt from Shri Rudram

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I am so happy to read these beautiful, devotional verses of Shri Rudram. The melody resounds in my heart, and joy arises! Reading these verses is the very best way to start my day. I feel the protection of Lord Rudra all around me, and my heart dances in love!

Palzing, Germany

At first, it was difficult for me to recite Shri Rudram with the correct rhythm and breathing. But I continued listening to an audio recording and practicing the recitation. Now when I recite this sacred text, I feel energy filling my heart and my whole body. Reading the meaning of Shri Rudram, I understand that Lord Shiva is standing behind me and protecting me every second of my life. Reciting Shri Rudram has helped me become calmer and more positive, more grounded and focused in my daily activities.
With all my heart, I thank Gurumayi for giving me this purifying practice of reciting Shri Rudram. Dhanyavad, Gurumayi ji.

Ghoti, India

One morning decades ago in the courtyard of Gurudev Siddha Peeth, a group of us sat silently in satsang with Gurumayi. Peals from bells and the sound of conches in the Bhagavan Nityananda Temple announced that the recitation of Shri Rudram would soon begin. I slowly rose and moved out of the courtyard toward the Temple where I recited Shri Rudram for the first time. I felt pure, light, and expansive.
I now chant Shri Rudram weekly at the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Oakland. Unfailingly, it expands my sense of freedom and vairagya, dispassion. These inspiring excerpts remind me to read the translation of Shri Rudram to explore the many benefits and blessings conferred by this auspicious chant.

California, USA

This lovely verse depicting Lord Rudra as “resident of the mountains and giver of all good” made me think of the radiant, serene form of Lord Shiva, sitting with eyes closed, meditating as though he were a mountain himself. As I remember this form, my body and mind are suffused with inner peace and the stillness and strength of a mountain.

Massachusetts, USA

Reading the teachings that Lord Rudra “represents the fire of the divine” and is “resident of the mountains,” I pictured lava, beautifully and gracefully both destroying and creating anew. I imagined that Lord Rudra is like this fire of nature, emerging with radiance from a deep place within, taking on a multitude of forms, transforming my life in mystical and tangible ways.
Whether walking on rocks of lava or contemplating the relationships in my life, I can feel the tangible blessings of grace. These verses brought me awe and reverence for the mysterious perfection and generosity of the Guru, of Lord Rudra, and of God.

Hawaii, USA

Reading aloud these verses from Shri Rudram, I imagined myself seeing the auspicious form of Lord Rudra and receiving his blessings of prosperity, purity of being, and knowledge of the Self. This is such a great reminder for me of why I love svadhyaya. I felt I experienced Lord Shiva’s darshan in these verses!
Thank you, Gurumayi, for sharing this gift with us through the Siddha Yoga path website.

Massachusetts, USA