Sadhana under the Sacred Pipal Tree

In Sanskrit, the pipal tree is called the ashvatta tree. In India, this tree is revered as sacred. Throughout the ages, many seekers and great beings have performed spiritual practices under a pipal tree—a tradition that continues to this day.

You can take a seat under this virtual pipal tree. As you click on the glowing leaves, each will reveal a Siddha Yoga teaching or a scriptural passage on the subject of worthiness. Reflecting on these teachings, you may discover how directing the mind toward right understanding of your true worth can lead you to rest in the Self.

Take a moment to focus on the pipal tree. Then, click on one of the leaves that glow. Each glowing leaf will reveal a Siddha Yoga teaching on worthiness. Engage with each teaching, as part of your sadhana, to honor and experience your own worthiness.

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