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Art Inspired by Gurumayi’s Message for 2020

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I was deeply moved by the “creative expression” from an artist in Australia, showing a small white dove with an olive branch in its mouth, against the background of a vividly colored cross-section of a tree.
To me, the multiple, ever-widening tree rings were reminiscent of the force of jijivisha—of endurance and the will to live—within the natural world, while the dove represented the eternal hope for peace in the hearts of all humanity.
From another perspective, however, I could see that the image can serve as a reminder to me that no matter how many rings of history—sometimes regrettable, sometimes dramatic, sometimes exhilarating—accumulate around me, I can always find that exquisite dove of peace, that eternal serenity within my heart, if I look closely and carefully enough.

Oregon, United States

I was so delighted to see the remarkable art in slide #5 in this collection. It gave me a whole new way of envisioning what the year 2020 has in store for me.
The tight blue coils at the center remind me of a cluster of Blue Pearls, each one promising me bliss and peace in the year to come. The yellow color chosen for the “2020” symbolizes the warmth of sunshine throughout the year, while the orange color of the large flower design evokes for me my Guru’s robes, reminding me that her presence never leaves me. And all the exquisitely crafted scrolls and curls within each flower petal, spring-green leaf, and teardrop shape suggest to me the exquisitely crafted gifts that I am sure God has prepared for me to unwrap—and enjoy—in the coming year.
I am very grateful to this artist for presenting me with such an inspiring and innovative way to anticipate the blessings of 2020.

Illinois, United States

Art expresses what we can't say. The artist from Balwyn North, Australia, brings peace and hope into my heart. The fires in Australia destroyed so much beauty, but nature will create new beauty. I am making peace with nature, and accept all her forms, both the destructive ones and the beautiful ones.

Thun, Switzerland