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Worship of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva, whose nature is Consciousness and love, embodies the supreme Truth. His devotees worship him in countless ways. One classic way to perform worship is to hold an image of Lord Shiva in one's mind.

As our attention becomes established on a visual representation of Shiva, our awareness is drawn inward. There, in the serenity and silence of the heart, Shiva resides—formless and transcendent. Merging with the Lord, we come to know him as our own true Self.

As you explore this gallery, take a moment to allow the images to lead your awareness inward. Upon reflection, you may wish to share your experience with others.


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Gazing at these images I am aware that there is nowhere where Shiva is not!

Florida, United States

Looking at these images, I felt awe and gratitude arise in me. I realized that I experience Lord Shiva in everyday situations: the changing of the weather, different times of day, the beauty of a puja, or street lights shining on wet city pavements against a dark sky.
As I looked at and reveled in these images, I remembered that I repeat the mantra all the time when I'm out walking, especially in nature. On a recent walk, I experienced gratitude and love for the earth I was walking on, for the elements swirling and resounding around me, for the vast skies with their soft streaks of light, and for the magnificent trees rooted in the earth. I bowed in all directions and thanked the God who is in all things, including myself.

Frome, United Kingdom

As I contemplated and absorbed these images, I found myself gliding into a serene inner silence. Then I sensed that I was one with infinite Consciousness and all its variations. I became aware of the protection and love of my Guru and felt immense appreciation for this profound experience.

Sorel, Canada

When I was looking at the images, their beauty lit up my mind. My awareness slipped into the flow of my breath and the throb of my heart. As a wind over a landscape, my breath was flowing in my body. The pulsation of my heart was echoing that of the universe. I had the awareness that Shiva, Supreme Reality, is everywhere, in everything, and I am That.

Rodez, France

This exquisite collection of images reveals to me the force and supreme elegance of God.  The intensity of the blue and white in the image of the mighty Mount Kailas couldn’t be more regal. I feel I am in the presence of the primordial being emanating pure protection, stability, benevolence, and warmth.

I am in awe of the experience of stillness and shakti these images evoke in me.

NewYork, United States