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Birthday Bliss

Birthday Darshan

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I revisit the “Birthday Darshan” photos again and again. The darshan of Gurumayi that they provide connects me with grace, love, and divinity, and with beauty, tenderness, and strength.

This darshan means so much to me. It is prasad. The more I view the images, the more grateful I feel. 

Munich, Germany

What a sweet darshan of Gurumayi I had while listening to the melodies of Om Namo Bhagavate Muktanandaya and Nacho Re Mero Mana. I am dancing around my table! These photos and music show me Gurumayi’s love and utmost care for our hearts. Seeing the smiles and laughter of Gurumayi brings me so many benefits.

Having Shri Gurumayi’s beautiful darshan on her birthday is such prasad for me, bringing me a sense of great abundance. What an example of the perfect disciple!

Pau, France

What a blessing to have Gurumayi’s “Birthday Darshan” on my own birthday and to remember the power of dandelion wishes. As I age, I value Gurumayi’s words of wisdom more and more. I treasure the lessons she has taught me over the decades, especially those about worthiness and discrimination. Gurumayi’s presence is always with me. I feel it when I pause, become still, and experience the divine Self within that eternally connects us.

Peppermint Grove Beach, Australia

Seeing images of Gurumayi laughing and dancing reassures me that there is joy and bliss beyond the surface of everyday life, and beyond all the difficulties of the physical body. I believe that I can find this state of bliss through ekanishtha, through having wholehearted faith.  

Later, while chanting Shri Guru Gita, I noticed that the word ekanishtha seemed to project off the page as if a magnifying glass was highlighting it. I was really amazed by this experience. It felt like grace. For me, it was darshan. It was so sweet.

Munich, Germany

It was very moving to watch Gurumayi celebrate her birthday with Bade Baba. The photos and the music that accompanied the “Birthday Darshan” gallery transported me to Shree Muktananda Ashram, the place I hold so close to my heart. What an extraordinary gift. 

California, United States

My experience of viewing Gurumayi’s “Birthday Darshan” images is one of sweet love carried on a soft breeze. I am very happy. I feel that there is beauty and there is hope and that a special, supreme inspiration has landed on the earth in the form of this celebration. And my entire heart is a part of it.

New York, United StatesNew York, United States

What pure prasad! These beautiful photographs and joyful music transported me to Shree Muktananda Ashram on the day of Gurumayi’s birthday. The photographs were so touching, and there were delightful surprises too—the rice offering in Gurumayi’s hands forming a heart shape, the heart-shaped blue sky glimpsed through a tree, Gurumayi entering Bade Baba’s Temple seemingly through the soft colors of flowers, the tree of light in the reflection on Lake Nityananda, Gurumayi dancing with her shawl in the wind. To me, this is nature pulling out all the stops! I feel so thankful for this sacred gift of Gurumayi’s darshan, traveling across time and space.

Hawaii, United States

How sweet it is to see that the rice offering held in Gurumayi’s hands in slides 15 and 16 is in the shape of a heart! My heart leaps every time I notice uplifting details such as this manifesting in my everyday life. Yesterday, I noticed a tiny red mark on my arm. It is in the perfect shape of a heart!

North Carolina, United States

My heart is filled with love and my eyes tear up when I dive deep into the “Birthday Darshan” gallery with the beautiful music background.
Each picture expresses, for me, love, divinity, and purity. The sky, flowers, and butterflies are forming hearts and smiles—as if offering their pranams.
I enter my heart and feel that this gallery is unfolding within me. My Sadguru, smiling and joyful, is dancing in my own heart. How blissful and lovely!
I am so grateful to my beloved Gurumayi. I feel that even on her birthday, when we are the ones honoring her, Gurumayi turns it around and sends us a thousandfold blessings, grace, and love.

Palzing, Germany

After seeing the photos and listening to the music in this “Birthday Darshan,” I started dancing in circles! I looked up at the sky, and it was blue with soft, dancing clouds. I felt as if the whole world was dancing with Shri Gurumayi.

Hørsholm, Denmark

When I saw Gurumayi worshiping Bhagavan Nityananda in these photos, I felt that I too was standing with Gurumayi carrying a basket of flowers while worshiping him—and Gurumayi was worshiping him with flowers from my basket. When I looked at the photo of Gurumayi ji reciting Shri Guru Gita with the book Svadhyaya Sudha in her hand, I felt that I was also sitting and reciting Shri Guru Gita. And when I saw the photo in which Gurumayi was performing arati to Bhagavan Nityananda, I immediately experienced that I was playing the harmonium and singing as she did so.
Just looking at these photos brought tears of gratitude to my eyes. I started praying, “Gurumayi, I am blessed to have received the darshan that you gave me today. I was yearning for your darshan and that hope has been fulfilled.”

Ahmedabad, India

I am very grateful for this “Birthday Darshan,” accompanied by sweet and jaunty music. Just last night I was missing Gurumayi, and longing to see her again. And voilà! She is here. My heart flew open, and when I saw Baba’s words on the entrance to the Temple, “I owe my existence to my Shree Guru,” I was filled with gratitude as I know this is my Truth. 

North Carolina, United States

I have been praying to have Gurumayi’s darshan for Gurupurnima, and so my heart and mind leapt with joy when I saw the photo gallery entitled “Birthday Darshan.”
I feel I have been preparing myself for Gurumayi's darshan all through the night and this morning. I repeated the mantra a lot when I was awake in the night. In the morning I recited Shri Guru Gita and watched the sunrise.
As I looked at the image of Gurumayi’s toe appearing beneath her robes, tears of love welled in my eyes, and I prayed that I will always maintain this devotion in my heart.

Warrnambool, Australia

As I watched the slideshow, the photograph in which Gurumayi is sitting with one arm crossed and one arm up, with her chin resting on her hand, reminded me of Baba. I love it when I see that!
It reminds me that meditating on Gurumayi and emulating Gurumayi act as a magnet that draws Gurumayi’s state to my being. My smile becomes Gurumayi’s smile. Similarly, when I am listening to a story being told and my eyes grow big with amazement, my eyes feel like Gurumayi’s eyes, and when my belly shakes with laughter, it feels like Gurumayi’s laughter.
Gurumayi continues to show me how to live in true inner freedom and to trust myself!

Hawaii, United States

When I saw the photographs of Gurumayi reciting Shri Guru Gita, I looked closer at the pages of the svadhyaya book she was holding. I then turned to these verses of Shri Guru Gita in my own svadhyaya book, wanting to pay more attention to them. That’s when I noticed: among them is verse 168, which speaks about ekanishthā, the virtue Gurumayi imparted to us on her birthday this year!

Mumbai, India