Sweet Surprise 2019

Diyva Sukta: Effortless Effort

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This morning I had an experience of ”effortless effort.” I had previously participated in the meditation on the Krishna Gayatri mantra via live audio stream. I had felt compelled by the haunting melody and syllables, and had sat there absorbed and tantalized—but felt that actually chanting the mantra was beyond me.
This morning, I chose to meditate with the Krishna Gayatri mantra. When I sat in meditation, at first I just bathed in the sound. And then, spontaneously, I began to chant along, the syllables and melody floating forth with ease.
At times I watched my mind struggle to remember the next syllable or note, and then felt a tightening in my body and mind. As soon as I did, I would let go, and then the next note or syllable would be right there. I felt the effortless effort of the practice! I felt at one with the flow of the chant, and with the grace of Lord Krishna and the Guru.

a Siddha Yogi from Rhode Island, United States