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Stories of Baba Muktananda

Stories of Baba Muktananda - Story 15Click here
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Baba has come to life for me in these stories. I’m so grateful and moved to read them. Each one contains a gem of learning for me. These beautiful memories of Baba’s vast compassion, wisdom, humor, and love bring out in me tears of recognition of the tenderness of the heart in each one of us.

Thank you so much, Gurumayi, for including these in our celebration of Baba.

Kentucky, USA

These stories of Baba make it possible for me to have his darshan in so many beautiful ways. My heart can’t help but overflow with the Guru’s magical and immense love that saturates everything, everywhere. Perhaps this is Baba’s signature: the very experience of God.

Madrid, Spain

I love these stories of Baba. Each one draws me inward, closer to Baba, closer to the Self.
Thank you for these gifts, Gurumayi. I feel blessed and eternally grateful to you and Baba for bringing the Siddha Yoga path to the world.

Paddington, Australia

These stories about Baba are so touching and alive to me. They make me smile and feel such gratitude and love for Gurumayi, Baba, and this divine path.

Georgia, USA