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Eka Dharaliya Bhava

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I feel that Eknath is encouraging us to embody the continuous awareness of God and the ongoing understanding that we are not separate from God. This led me to remember Baba talking about sahaja samadhithe natural state of immersion in the Self, and singing abhangas such as the one we have here. This memory, along with writing about my experience, is reminding me of the sweetness in my life on the Siddha Yoga path.

Kentucky, USA

This morning, remembering it was Eknath’s Punyatithi, I decided to sing this beautiful abhanga. As I sang, I experienced a great opening in my heart, and as I sat afterwards, I felt full of joy and energy—as though I was glowing. Though I had initially been feeling listless after too little sleep last night, I now experienced a light-hearted and open attitude toward carrying out the rest of my daily responsibilities.

Thank you, Eknath, for sharing your great state with us through this enlivened abhanga.

California, USA

Shubh Punyatithi of Eknath Maharaj!

When I read that he lived following the teachings of his Guru, it inspires me to live that way, too. There are so many great things to do in this world. Sometimes it is difficult to know which ones are most beneficial and important. Eknath serves as a model. I will follow the guidance of my Guru, for I have seen over and over in myself and others that the path Gurumayi shows always leads to the highest upliftment for all.

Washington, USA

I never realized I wanted to know God until I met Gurumayi. Now I walk with God.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for exquisitely reminding me through Eknath's words why I needed to know God.

London, United Kingdom

This morning before meditating, I contemplated the Message Artwork. Throughout my meditation the image arose again and again. As my meditation deepened, the different aspects of the Artwork gradually dissolved into light. My awareness filled with this light.

Today was a holiday in our city. As I walked among the crowds of people celebrating, I continued to experience light. I saw the people, the clouds, the river as emanations of that light. When I arrived home, I read Eknath’s abhanga with quiet joy and gratitude to my Guru.

Sustained by the gift of Gurumayi's Message Artwork, this has been my day: “Wherever one goes, one will experience God’s presence.”

Melbourne, Australia

Since I read this abhanga this morning, I have been repeating its refrain all day, first out loud and then silently, to a sweet melody I once heard. And so, since this morning, I have "only one feeling"—the feeling of joy in seeing God everywhere.

Dombivli, India

Just this morning as I was waking up, I asked Gurumayi to help me see God, to know that I am in God and God is in me. How special to read this abhanga proclaiming that God is everywhere!

Florida, USA

Almost every morning, when taking my bath, cooking, or doing some work, I sing this abhanga and other songs written by poet-saints of India. This gives me much energy, love, and bliss. While singing, I become aware of the meaning of the songs. I feel oneness with God, and I experience God in each and every thing. Then the whole day becomes blissful in the presence of God.

Khargone, India