The most sacred of all mantras, the primordial sound of the vibrating cosmos, and an embodiment of absolute Consciousness in the form of sound; the pulsation of universal power. (Also written Om.)


The luminous, self-aware, and creative Reality that is the essential Self of all that exists; a name for God, the Absolute, the supreme Truth.

Kundalini Shakti

The primordial shakti, the power of spiritual evolution as it manifests in a human being. The Sanskrit word kundalini literally means “coiled one” because the dormant form of this spiritual energy is represented as lying coiled at the base of the spine. When awakened and guided by the Siddha Yoga Guru, and its progress aided by the seeker’s own disciplined effort, this energy brings about purification on all levels, physical and subtle, and leads to the permanent experience of one’s divine nature.


A sacred invocation; sacred words or divine sounds invested with the power to protect, purify, and transform the awareness of the individual who repeats them. A mantra received from an enlightened Master is enlivened by the power of the Master's attainment.


In the Sanskrit language, raga literally means “color.” In Indian music, a raga is a series of five or more notes upon which a melody is based. It is traditionally described as that which “colors the mind and heart.” A raga evokes specific qualities and moods in both the listener and the performer.


A Sanskrit word that literally means “the company of the good; the company of the Truth”, and by extension, “the company of spiritual seekers.” Satsang is a gathering of seekers for the purpose of meditating, chanting, listening to scriptural teachings, and discussing spiritual topics. A seeker can also have satsang by keeping his or her own good company through doing spiritual practices, holding good thoughts, and cultivating the virtues.


The pure Consciousness that is both the divine core of a human being and the essential nature of all things.

Shakti Punja

A Sanskrit term that means “a gathering of spiritual energy”; the name of the archives area of the SYDA Foundation.

Shaktipat Diksha

A Sanskrit term that means “descent of power.” On the Siddha Yoga path, shaktipat is an act of grace—the initiation (diksha) by which the Siddha Yoga Guru transmits divine energy to an aspirant and awakens their Kundalini Shakti, the inner spiritual energy. Shaktipat diksha signals the beginning of Siddha Yoga sadhana, an inner journey that culminates in liberation.

Shree Muktananda Ashram

The Siddha Yoga Ashram in South Fallsburg, New York, established by Swami Muktananda in 1979. Shree Muktananda Ashram houses the SYDA Foundation, the central organization of the Siddha Yoga mission.

SYDA Foundation

The not-for-profit organization that protects, preserves, and facilitates the dissemination of the Siddha Yoga teachings. The SYDA Foundation creates and produces Siddha Yoga teaching and learning events and sadhana tools for Siddha Yogis worldwide. The SYDA Foundation also guides the philanthropic expressions of the Siddha Yoga path. These include The PRASAD Project, which provides health, education, and sustainable development programs for children, families, and communities in need, and the Muktabodha Indological Research Institute, which helps preserve the scriptural heritage of India.