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Baba's Birthday

Chapter Thirty-Four
The Play of Consciousness

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I am grateful again and again to Baba for having written Play of Consciousness.

Every word that Baba has written reminds me of who I am. For so long I lived in my world of happiness and sadness, of growing up and then growing older—in the drama of my life and of the world.

Every time I read this exquisite book, I am reminded that the dream of my life is as unreal as a mirage in the hot desert or any drama on a stage. In actuality, I am the one supreme being, present everywhere and in everything. I am the writer of the script of this world drama as well as the director, all of the actors, and each of their thoughts and emotions. 

I am so grateful to Baba for helping me to understand that there is only One in this universe and that universe is his creation, made from himself and for his own enjoyment. 

New York, United States

This “unique and extraordinary” book has certainly been central to my own sadhana.

When I was a teenager, I went to a bookstore and was drawn to pick up Play Of Consciousness from the shelf. Opening to page 18, I read the words, “Realization of God is possible only through a Guru.” I said to myself, “Oh really? I don’t need a Guru,” and put the book back on the shelf. Clearly, I wasn’t ready to enter the Guru’s world.
Years later, after I’d met Gurumayi and received shaktipat, it was a very different story. I once again picked up Play Of Consciousness, but this time read it through voraciously. Upon arriving at the last page, I immediately returned to the beginning to read it again. I have traversed the engrossing and compelling pages of this “extraordinary book” many times in the decades since. Each reading brings new depths of understanding.
I am grateful the arrogance and ignorance of my teenage years burned away enough that my heart could open and receive my Guru’s grace.

West Vancouver, Canada

I never tire of reading Baba’s words. How many times have I read these same words, and yet today they sparkle anew!  
When I first met Baba, I knew nothing of the spiritual path except the experience of my own love in his company. Since then, he has taught me about yoga, discipline, surrender, and recognition of my own Self.
As the years go by, I am more and more astonished at the depth and breadth of all Baba has given me.

Washington, United States

When I read this excerpt from Baba, I remember why I am here—to recognize the Truth. His words reignite my intention, my will, and my great love for this path.
Thank you, Baba.

New Jersey, United States

No matter how many times I read this passage, I still feel the same thrill of discovery of the Self that I felt upon first reading it nearly fifty years ago.

Each time, I feel that Baba is telling me, "You can do this!" Baba has truly touched my heart. I am so grateful!

California, United States