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Baba's Birthday

The Play of Consciousness - Excerpt II

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I was so inspired by Baba’s wisdom and teachings through this story. I felt like he was talking just to me, encouraging me to look upon everything with equality-consciousness.

New York, United States

I have been practicing the Siddha Yoga teachings for a great many years, yet I still sometimes forget that I am the great Self, and that praise and blame, wealth and poverty, are transitory.  

As I read this story, which I first heard many years ago, its meaning resonated deep within. I recognized that I have made progress. Like Eknath Maharaj, I am mostly “happy and joyful” whatever is happening around me. I am less attached to praise and blame, wealth and poverty. I forgive more readily. I can relax into the unknown. I feel deep peace often. Love arises unbidden.

The love of my Guru and the practices have carried me through many difficulties. This passage from Baba’s Play of Consciousness reflects for me my own journey.

Hurlstone Park, Australia

This excerpt from Play of Consciousness shows me that external circumstances shouldn’t govern my life. It reminds me that no matter what happens, the light of God is always shining within me and makes me traverse the world with joy.
Eknath’s attitude keeps me from enduring the hell of “What will other people say?“ When I respond to God’s invitation, I respect my own dharma. With this understanding, I continually try to melt within the crucible of my heart all the gold that God has given me, so that I can pour it into the forms that he presents to me.

Rodez, France

O Baba, lover of the Blue Pearl
becoming That
the fragrance of your love
infuses untold thousands of hearts
replacing good or bad, she or he, us or them
with exquisite healing perfume  
called ONE.

New York, United States

My attention was drawn in this story to the beauty of the girl’s awareness of her worthiness without regard to her caste, which led her to request the presence of her chosen deity, Eknath Maharaj. May the sense of equality and the perception of God in everyone pervade the awareness of all of us.

California, United States