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Baba's Birthday

The Play of Consciousness - Excerpt II

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Years ago when I read Play of Consciousness for the first time, shakti poured through me in waves as I held the book in my hands. When I read it while riding public transit in Oakland, California, it seemed to me that the people around me could sense something wonderful happening, and they would smile knowingly at me. Rereading Play of Consciousness this year, I have noticed and understood more deeply how loving and ecstatic a saint Baba is!

California, United States

Baba's Play of Consciousness is my favorite book. I have read it many times. In fact, I'm reading it now again. This book inspires in me such devotion and love for the Guru and the Siddha Yoga path.

Whenever I read Play of Consciousness, I try to always contemplate the meaning of Baba’s words. I also attempt to imagine all the colorful details of the scenes that he describes.

What Baba imparts in this book is so powerful that I often need to stop reading and meditate. For me, every word is a teaching. It moves me greatly that while I'm reading Play of Consciousness, it seems like Baba is talking directly to me. It's amazing to feel that I am able to be with Baba in this way.

I find it so helpful for my sadhana to stay in the company of Play of Consciousness. It's a great gift. I'm so grateful to Baba for his boundless generosity and love.

Milan, Italy