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Teachings to Live By

Teachings to Live By

~ Baba Muktananda

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When I read Baba's twenty-second teaching, “The one thing the world needs, and needs to put into practice, is the awareness of universal brotherhood,” I asked myself what this means to me.

I realized that when I think of myself as better than another, it’s as if a dark cloud moves across a blue sky. Duality breaks out, and I am trapped in my ego. But when I hold on to the awareness of my oneness with another, then I experience peace and harmony. 

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

As I was reading Baba’s teachings—one after the other—I started to feel the primordial sound Om pulsating in my heart. What a delightful way to start my day.

Ville St. Laurent, Canada

My mother passed away peacefully about a month ago. In her very last conscious interaction with me, she asked: “Does God exist?” I answered, “Yes, absolutely.” Then, my mother uttered some words about coming home.

I was deeply touched today when I read Baba’s words in the nineteenth of his “Teachings to Live By” on the Siddha Yoga path website: “It is absolutely true that God does exist.”

I am very grateful that I was able to give my mother this affirmation.

Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

The twelfth of these teachings of Baba’s accompanied me throughout the day. I had to think about this teaching again and again. I was impressed by the profound truth of his statement and the loving advice it contains. Sometimes I think I have so much time left on this earth, but who knows how much time I really have?

I have now resolved to experience my days more consciously—to see every single day as a great gift, to meditate every day, and to repeat the mantra as often as possible with love and gratitude.

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

I have been focusing on refreshing my daily meditation practice, and maintaining a regular time for meditation. This morning, I felt the fruits of that regular practice, as my body settled and my breath deepened in readiness to go within.
As Baba guides us in the ninth of his “Teachings to Live By,” I repeated the mantra with love, and became entranced by its vibration. After some time, I realized that I was not repeating the mantra, but that it was repeating itself; I experienced that as a strong current of energy that is infinitely pulsating. All I need to do to return to that experience is to subtly shift the focus of my inner gaze in order to tune into this eternal vibration, and to experience this alive, divine love as my true Self.

Connecticut, United States

After contemplating the fifteenth of “Teachings to Live By” and its inspiring illustration of a massive sand dune, these words arose in my mind: “In the golden desert of the Self, silence vibrates in the blue sky of Consciousness. God touches the strings of his instrument and the blissful sound Om pervades the universe.”
Keeping this image in my mind and knowing that God dwells in my heart, I take care to gently touch the strings of my heart to make Om vibrate in my own words.

Rodez, France

Baba’s teaching, “A person’s life should be like a flower which only gives out great fragrance,” made me contemplate the different aspects of my life.

With great joy I became aware that my life already gives great fragrance in many aspects. I became aware that I have worked consciously and with discipline on these aspects, and that I have received so much grace that this great fragrance became possible. I also became aware of the aspects of my life that are not yet so great. Now I am motivated to work on these aspects so that my whole life will give off the fragrance of a garden full of gardenias.

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

I have recently been focusing on the Siddha Yoga Gurus’ teachings to experience sublime Consciousness in all. Doing so fills me with peace and serenity. Baba’s guidance in the twenty-sixth teaching invites me to take yet another step deeper—to know that the light of Consciousness is inside me, that the light is me. I am thankful to Baba and Gurumayi that I now increasingly have the experience of these profound truths. 

Maryland, United States

Buds of hot pink
packed with brilliance
waiting to spread
Baba’s presence within
unfurling in the practices

Thornbury, Australia

In 1976, when my husband and I traveled from Spain to France to meet Baba, we had the extraordinary good fortune of having a private darshan with him. During that darshan, after speaking with us with great love and compassion and giving us wonderful advice for our lives, Baba asked his assistant to bring something. And that was two copies in Spanish of Baba’s spiritual autobiography, Play of Consciousness. Baba gave one to us and another to our translator, saying with great emphasis: "Here is everything." And so it was, and so it is!
I have read this book and I feel that every word is the manifestation of Baba's grace. I read it, and reread it, and it is always new—and always gives me everything.
I am so grateful to Baba for giving so much of himself in this book, which is a divine gift for all humanity.

Jerez De La Frontera, Spain

Following Baba’s instructions in the second teaching, I have a room in my home set up for my morning and nighttime meditations. It is my special place and spiritual sanctuary. Meditation leads me into a realm of peace, truth, rejuvenation, and tranquility. In meditation, my worries and troubling thoughts melt away, and my questions are answered. It is inconceivable to me to begin my day or end it without this sacred practice!

St. Laurent, Canada

I have learned something from each of these teachings of Baba. I especially loved the sixth teaching: “Inside us abides divine happiness, the same happiness we are looking for in the world.” When I read this again and again, I remembered what I experienced yesterday.
I was feeling sad and was talking inwardly with Baba. After closing my eyes for a while, I saw that Lord Krishna had appeared and started dancing so beautifully in front of me. I felt like he was trying to make me smile and had appeared just for me. I lost myself within for a long time.
When I opened my eyes, I felt the same divinity outside too—a blissful state! I have learned from this to focus on the inner Self more and more so that I can see the same divinity outside.

Allahabad, India

Chanting Om, I revel in silence. I speak less.
When I allow the wind of kindness to hone my words,
there is a perfect rippling, pleasing pattern.

Thornbury, Australia

My sadhana journey has highlighted the truth of Baba’s seventh teaching—by showing me how meditation is the divine key to opening the door to the inner sanctuary of infinite happiness, deep in my heart. What’s so great is that I carry this happiness with me throughout the rest of the day and can share it with all I come across.

Ville St. Laurent, Canada

Steady flame, warm and full.
Brilliant stillness resting on pink.
You are my mind after chanting.

Thornbury, Australia

Reading the twenty-sixth teaching reminded me of the time I had a direct experience of its truth.
Once late at night after a disquieting phone call, I had a dream. In it, I saw Baba as a Brahmin priest, instructing me to repeat the mantra and do abhisheka to a crystal shiva-lingam. As I performed the abhisheka ritual, I knew that God, Guru, mantra, and my inner self were all one.

Illinois, United States

Smooth striations of cloud streaming in pastel shades of peach and blue, with pockets of Krishna’s dark hue, remind me of the grace that I experienced today—riding my bike, sharing greetings with a stranger, breathing in and out, then pausing to watch a child and drinking coffee in a moment of deep stillness.
The peaceful sky of the Guru.

Thornbury, Australia