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Baba Muktananda's Mahasamadhi 2020

Story about Baba Muktananda - X

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Swami ji's story resonated with something that happened to me recently. I hadn’t known what is special about laying one's head on the Guru's feet until I read this story. I am currently living with my 103-year-old mother and facing some other challenges too. My Siddha Yoga practices are an ongoing daily comfort and reminder of the Guru's presence in my life.
While meditating recently, I became quite anxious with feelings of impending loss. Deep inside I reached for the Guru's help. Immediately an image appeared from a photo of Baba sitting with his foot extended. As if I were a child with no thoughts of propriety, I imagined laying my head against the sole of his foot. A feeling of peace flooded my whole body.
I silently offered my gratitude for once again being given what I needed when I sought it in the deep connectedness between my heart and the Guru's heart. Whenever I want, I will return to this image of Baba's foot for the comfort and peace I need.

California, United States

This sweet story has strengthened my understanding that turning within and having satsang with my Self is a simple—and accessible—way to practice devotion to my Shri Guru.
Thank you so much, Gurumayi, for the myriad opportunities you give us to study and practice Baba's teachings. I feel deeply grateful  for finding yet another way to celebrate Baba's Birthday!  

 New York, United States

To this day I still relish the love I feel when I am moved to gently bow my head at my Guru's feet. I realize that I can do this by simply offering the practices with love.

Washington, USA