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Baba Muktananda's Mahasamadhi 2020

Story about Baba Muktananda - V

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I love this story. It reminds me so sweetly that the Guru’s presence lies within me, and it confirms for me that intuition can represent the Guru’s guidance.
I never met Baba in person, yet I experience his comforting grace when reading these stories. I am especially grateful for this gift during this home-alone time in my life.

Florida, United States

What stands out for me in Bharati’s share is that she understood not only that Baba was showing her to trust her intuition, but also that that he was showing her that he was one with her own inner Self.
I am delighted to see the depth of this understanding. 

Nelson, Canada 

What a great teaching through the vehicle of a little pear!
I am always moved by stories of the Guru. I don’t need to call on my intellect; I only need to listen and see what’s happening. The words go directly to my heart.

My thanks to you, Baba. I love you! 

 Bienenbüttel, Germany