• May 2019
  • May 2019

Story of Baba Muktananda - VII

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This story reminds me that the Guru sees into our hearts and beyond outer appearances, and that the Guru meets us on our own terms rather than by following some rigid rules. It also reminds me that our beloved Guru always welcomes us all with love and always uplifts us.

This understanding has eased some tightness in my heart and brought tears of gratitude to my eyes.

 California, United States

This story touches my heart because in it I can see Baba’s love and compassion in action, and how Baba gave everyone the chance to know their own Self.

Rosendhal, Germany

I am so touched by the sincerity of this story, by Baba's compassion, and by his “perfect welcome.” I am deeply moved by the Guru’s understanding of each one of us.

 New Mexico, United States