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Baba's Birthday

The Grace-Bestowing Power

A Story about Baba Muktananda

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I was brought up in a Christian church, regularly attending church services. Rereading Swami Kripananda’s story today, on Baba's Solar Birthday, I burst into tears as I read how the Catholic nun had a direct experience of “the essence” of the teachings of Christianity when she saw Baba's face on TV in Australia.
In my early years of sadhana, through Baba I too came to experience the beauty of the teachings with which I’d been raised, as well as the Truth behind them. Baba allowed me to see that there is only one Truth and that all religions point the way to the Truth of the Self.

Clifton Hill, Australia

As I read Swami Kripananda's story, my heart opens and grateful tears come to my eyes. Her story reminds me that when my heart is breaking open with longing to be with the Guru, the Guru is always there, sharing deep moments of new revelation and giving infinite tenderness. 

Colorado, United States