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Baba's Birthday

Greeting the Guru

A Story about Baba Muktananda

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This Baba story reminds me of the time I lived in Gurudev Siddha Peeth. Whenever Gurumayi was in residence, I was continually asking myself, "Does my Guru know that I am here?" "Does my Guru know of my existence?"
One day I was standing in the darshan line with incense in my hand and these same questions swirling in my head. Then I had this thought: "Just let me offer my absolute unconditional love to my Guru when I offer my pranam, and be happy that I am here at the feet of my beloved Master." Almost immediately, I started to feel expanded within; I put the incense in the basket and offered my full pranam with complete love. When I looked up, I saw Gurumayi was looking straight into my eyes with the most beautiful smile, and I heard her tell me within, "You got it!" 
I walked away knowing in my heart that the Guru is always there for me, and all I need is to feel Gurumayi’s unconditional love.

Mexico City, Mexico