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Baba's Birthday

One Is Enough: Valuing the Guru’s Word

A Story about Baba Muktananda

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I am grateful for this story and have learned an essential lesson from reading it.
Though I had Gurumayi’s darshan when I visited Gurudev Siddha Peeth, and even dreamed about her and Baba and Bade Baba, I longed to talk with her and have her say something just to me. It never happened.
In this story, Baba says: “A true disciple only needs to hear one word from his Guru.” In the writer’s understanding, this “one word” is the mantra. His words rang true for me. For example, when I repeat the mantra inwardly in my office or at home, the atmosphere changes for the better.
I now understand that the Gurus are always speaking to me through this one word, the mantra.

Hosur, India

What a glorious story! I'm delighted with the humor that Baba presented to the author. My heart is happy and my face is smiling as I contemplate the story. What joy!
Thank you, Baba!

Perth, Australia