Chanting Nityanandam Brahmanandam

Each August Siddha Yogis around the world celebrate the life and teachings of Bhagavan Nityananda in honor of his punyatithi. A potent and joyful way to do this is by practicing namasankirtana—chanting the divine name. You are warmly invited to chant Nityanandam Brahmanandam with Gurumayi using the audio recording below.

Nityanandam Brahmanandam has its origins in the village of Ganeshpuri, where Bhagavan Nityananda settled and is worshipped to this day. The chant extolls Nityananda as the embodiment of the Absolute, the one supreme and blissful Consciousness that pervades all creation.

The chant’s melody is set in the Yaman Kalyan raga, a raga often heard in Indian devotional music, as its melodies are said to invoke blessings. And indeed, as we chant Bade Baba’s name, we invoke his blessings for ourselves, for others, and for the world we live in.

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Om Gurudev
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