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Bhagavan Nityananda's Punyatithi 2021

Be Fearless

Story read by Sarita Baylin
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I received such inspiration from reading Bade Baba’s personal interaction with Gangubai in which he blessed her with his teaching about fearlessness. Like other stories of Bade Baba’s encounters with his devotees, this one stands out for me in its potent immediacy. I can feel its heightened impact on my sadhana.
I recently experienced coming out of meditation and seeing Bade Baba in his “gigantic” form filling the space around me. At first I was looking at him, and then I realized I was one with him. Recalling his wish for “everybody in the world to be fearless,” I felt I had received his grace to find this sublime state within me and to know his love completely.

Maryland, United States   

After reading this story and the shares responding to it, I am now starting my day by chanting the Nityananda Arati and praying to Bade Baba to remove the unreasoning fear I am experiencing as I age. 
Inspired by what one of the share writers suggested, I now realize that Bade Baba wouldn't want me to be afraid. Taking refuge in Bade Baba and the teachings has calmed my heart and led me to take constructive action.

Hawaii, United States

I loved this story. It evoked many memories and emotions for me, as I am one who sometimes lives on the fearful side of life. For example, I was initially very frightened of the coronavirus until Gurumayi held the “Be In The Temple” satsangs and taught us to have courage. It was such a blessing; she somehow "danced" the fear out of me!
This story reminded me how important courage is and that I must continue to embrace it in all situations by standing up to my fear. I will continue to monitor my mind at such times and think of Bade Baba and his words of wisdom.

Pennsylvania, United States

I have longed to be fearless and experience the virtue of courage. As I read the story the first time, I felt it was an experience for Gangubai, but then the teaching slowly embraced me with its power, and I felt Bade Baba commanding me to be fearless.

As I read Bade Baba’s teaching again and again, I experienced a layer of resistance dissolve. I realized that I can be fearless. I am now filled with optimism that it is possible for me to live in a state of fearlessness, and I know this is Bade Baba’s intention for me. His blessings will be my companion as I practice fearlessness.

Hosur, India

This story is very poignant for me, as it reflects and affirms my own experience.

When I first moved to the area where I now live, I was fearful, and for no particular reason. After all, I had lived in and out of the country, so I could not understand my sudden, unreasonable fear. To alleviate this fear, I meditated, recited Shri Guru Gita, and prayed to Bade Baba. And it worked!

To this day, when fears arise, I invoke Bade Baba’s protection and take refuge in his presence within me. 

South Carolina, United States

Early this morning before daylight, I listened to this story and for a very short moment I became totally fearless for the first time in my life. It was an active, momentous feeling of knowing that nothing can ever frighten me. From this perspective I could see how fear is a habit. I will always remember this moment.

Cologne, Germany