Mangaladata Kripasindhu

Bhūpālī Rāga

Gurumayi wrote the lyrics and composed the melody of this namasankirtana.

मंगलदाता कॄपासिन्धु । जय गणेश जय गणेश ।
मोदकप्रिय सिद्धिविनायक । जय गणेश जय गणेश ॥

maṅgaladātā kṛpāsindhu | jaya gaṇeśa jaya gaṇeśa |
modakapriya siddhivināyaka | jaya gaṇeśa jaya gaṇeśa ||

Victory to Lord Ganesha, bestower of auspiciousness, the ocean of compassion!
Victory to Ganesha, the one who loves modaka sweets,
the Lord of all attainments and remover of obstacles!

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