Birthday Bliss 2018

Make a Wish for Birthday Bliss 2019

Birthday Bliss, the month of Gurumayi’s Birthday, has arrived. At Shree Muktananda Ashram, nature is celebrating. Trees are wearing their full cloak of fresh green leaves; flowers adorn shrubs and tiny plants. And, as you will see in the images below, dandelions are sprouting all across the Ashram’s sacred grounds.

It is Gurumayi’s wish that each day of Birthday Bliss, everyone easily experience bliss. So that you may have a sweet entry, a doorway, into this experience, Gurumayi is inviting you to make a wish on these dandelions. Make a wish—and feel the bliss!

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My wish is that all seekers may come to know the Truth during this lifetime. I love making wishes during Birthday Bliss; it makes my heart so happy to send good wishes into the world during this time. 

Seattle, Washington

During times when I have not been fully at ease in facing the challenges in my life, I have been rejuvenated by seeing these photos. I am filled with happiness by seeing the beautiful natural world.

Thank you so much, Gurumayi, for guiding me in every moment of my life.

Chennai, India

My wish is, “May Gurumayi live a long and healthy life.”

Pune, India

Watching the progression from the first image of the dandelion in bloom sparkling like the sun, to the last image of the bright sun itself, amid the different hues and colors on the vast sky, my mind expands and I feel the vastness of my own being.
It's a great reminder for me to look further, to look beyond the vantage point of where I'm standing, and to always remember to see the great hand of God in every situation.
I wish that I and everyone keep seeing oneness and live from that greatness, letting that awareness shine and spread around the world.

Oslo, Norway

I wish for our sangham, and the entire world, to expand our love and support for each other and the natural world. I wish for us all to experience everything as saturated with the bliss of Consciousness.

Washington, United States

My heart is bursting with a wish to offer gratitude for the ocean of blessings bestowed upon me by the Guru's grace. Today, on the 40th anniversary of receiving shaktipat-diksha, I am reflecting on my sadhana and the gifts I’ve received from Baba and Gurumayi. I feel saturated with the sweetness and bliss of the Gurus’ blessings. My reverence leads me to a fervent wish to continue on the path and honor the Gurus’ example.

Washington, United States

As I looked at each photo, my heart expanded and I felt divine. I felt my Guru's presence and grace. And I felt the support of my parents, and realized that it is always there for me. I am wishing for my mom and dad to be the happiest people in the world. And I feel so grateful to Gurumayi for her everlasting love and blessings.

Allahabad, India

I wish
a life

Missouri, United States

My wish is for all humanity to awaken to the experience of unity through love for one another.

Washington, United States

I wish to always experience connection with God.

Napoli, Italy

My wish is that everyone can wake up each day feeling the Guru’s infinite love and caring, rising like the golden sun in their hearts and minds even before they take one step out of their beds.

Montreal, Canada

Today I made a wish on the “Make a Wish for Birthday Bliss 2019” page, and I felt bliss fill me. This bliss stayed with me and became very strong when I was walking through a meadow. It felt as though the whole meadow, the sky, and the birds and flowers were a tapestry of bliss.

Washington, United States

I wish for Gurumayi to have the best birthday ever! I am so grateful to have her in my life, and I know the world is a better place because of her love and compassion.

Washington, United States

The beautiful way this photo gallery illustrates the dandelion’s life cycle reminded me of the life cycle of the sadhaka, and how we progress from a contracted state into an ever more open and lighter one. Seeing the bees taking pollen from the fully open flowers reminded me that they transform that pollen into sweet honey, which in turn brings delight to other creatures. I thought of the way seekers take nourishment from the teachings of the Master and, as they transform that spiritual nourishment into beneficial actions, their presence on this earth brings delight and sweet support to others.
In its final stage, the dandelion generously launches its seeds into the air, trusting in the wind to carry them far and wide to start new life all over again. As a senior citizen myself, the image of the “elderly” dandelion facing the sunset inspired me to wish that when my life cycle is complete, I will have distributed seeds of wisdom and understanding far beyond where I currently have my roots.

Illinois, United States

For me, wish is a small word with a big meaning, often evoking lots of emotions. Seeing these lovely pictures of the dandelions put a very big smile on my face for every picture.
When I look at these pictures, I feel that Gurumayi ji is looking towards me every time. And one of the photos near the end made me feel that my beloved Gurumayi is carrying me in her hands. It brought me into deep meditation.

Gandhinagar, India