The Happy Bell

Dear Gurumayi,

Eleven years ago on your birthday you gave everyone a “Happy Bell.” I want to let you know how important that bell has been in my life over the years.

As I recall, you asked Swami Vasudevananda to teach us how to use the bell. He said, “Ring it, say the mantra, and make a wish or a prayer.” I have done this virtually every day for eleven years. The bell sits on my puja, still tied with its crisp yellow ribbon, and I ring it as part of my morning practice.

For a few years, I made a wish or a prayer when I rang the bell. Then, after you taught us about creating an intention, I used the sharp focus of intention to guide my bell ringing—I would set a specific intention for each day. For a couple of years after that I would close my eyes and say, “My wish for today is Guru’s…” and ask for a specific quality of yours to arise in me that day—such as Guru’s vision, Guru’s warmth, Guru’s clarity, Guru’s laughter.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the miracle of your grace. And so, as we approach another birthday—both of us, for June 24 is my birthday too—I bow at your feet in deep gratitude.

With love and devotion always,
  a Siddha Yogi from New York, United States

Avadali Gurumayi

Sung by Shambhavi Christian
© Ⓟ 1995 SYDA Foundation®. All rights reserved.

I adore Gurumayi with all my heart.

It seems worthless to spend one’s life
in pursuit of money and all kinds of wealth.
Even dwelling on the mind’s troubles and feelings
is a waste of time.

How much better it is
to keep remembering God’s name
and to remain immersed in it.
I am convinced
that this is the only remedy.

Without the company of saints,
there is no way a person can cross over
the ocean of worldliness.
This is why my mind is so drawn to them.

Tukadyadas is convinced of one thing:
without meeting the Guru,
there is no hope for anyone.