Now I Notice the Wonder

Dear Gurumayi,

Thank you so much for my amazing and transforming week at Shree Muktananda Ashram! I came with my daughter from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the experience was profound for both of us. On the trip back to Ann Arbor, we talked nonstop for five hours about our beautiful experience, planning how we could truly take the Ashram home with us.

The next morning, when I stepped outside to let our dog out, I noticed the beauty of our trees in the early morning light, and tears came to my eyes. I realized how unconsciously I can walk through my life without noticing the wonder that surrounds me. I have had many small moments like this since my return. Clearly my time at the Ashram shifted something deep inside me. Before that visit, I had been feeling anxious and tense; after the visit, I felt like I was suddenly free from mountains of dust that had been covering my heart.

My wife and I have now scheduled time for half an hour or more of a Siddha Yoga practice daily. We know that this is one way of honoring my time at the Ashram and truly bringing the Ashram home.

Thank you for bringing me home, again and again, to my deepest Self.


With deep gratitude and love,
  a Siddha Yogi from Michigan, United States