Gurumayi Loves Me So Much

Dear Gurumayi,

The opportunity to be on the Siddha Yoga path with a Guru like you, to be a Siddha Yoga student under the guidance of a Guru like you, is to develop a golden heart. And I know that to have a golden heart is the most beautiful and pure way to live. Thank you.

One day you wanted my son, who was four years old at that time, to have a box of cookies. You asked me to choose which ones. When you started to leave the room, you said, “I always think of your son.” As you continued to walk, you said, “Because I like him.” Then you turned around to me with a smile and asked, “Do you like him?”

I thought about this and realized that although I loved my son profoundly, I sometimes didn’t exercise the muscle of liking him.    As soon as I had this thought, a huge amount of love for him started to fill my heart. A few days later when he returned from a visit to relatives, I couldn’t believe how likable he was! I really liked him! I experienced so much joy, and play, and even more love in liking him. And he responded so positively! I realized that showing my affection to him opens a door to living with an open heart, to seeing and experiencing the world more the way God means it to be.

Dear Gurumayi, thank you for the many visible and invisible ways you teach and give your guidance and love.

With much love and gratitude,
  a Siddha Yogi from Deggendorf, Germany

P.S. When I gave my son the cookies, he said, as he always does when he receives cookies from you, “Gurumayi stayed up all night baking them for me, because Gurumayi loves me so much.”