Chanting Om Gurudev

During the month of Gurupurnima, one way Siddha Yogis around the world are worshiping Shri Guru and invoking the Guru’s presence is through the practice of namasankirtana, chanting the divine name.

Gurumayi has designated Om Gurudev as the namasankirtana to be chanted for Gurupurnima. By chanting Om Gurudev, we honor Shri Guru and the grace-bestowing power of God that flows through the lineage of Siddha Yoga Masters.

In honor of Gurupurnima, you are invited to chant Om Gurudev with Gurumayi. The melody of this namasankirtana is in the beautiful Darbari raga, which creates an atmosphere of stately grandeur and magnificence.

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Om Gurudev