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Glory to Shri Guru

Scriptural Verses in Honor of Gurupurnima

Glory to Shri Guru-A Verse from the Rudramalayatantra
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I first read this verse in its original Sanskrit form and felt the deep shakti in the sounds and forms of the words. I felt a mystical vibration as I read the words aloud several times.
When I moved on to the English translation, I read it again and again, wanting to dive deep into the meaning. It brought me closer to the very essence of Shri Guru, to the inner knowing that Shri Guru pervades the universe, nature, energy, and sound.

Crowthorne, United Kingdom

The other day, I consciously prayed to the mantra as a form of Lord Shiva, to help my mind stay focused. I imagined the mantra as the embodied Shiva, as the word form of Gurumayi. And then an image arose of a Shiva lingam covered with flowers and emanating divinity. As I focus on the mantra in this way, I experience its grace and I am able to stay centered.
Just now, I opened this beautiful image and was amazed to read the message it contained about the Guru, including, “His form is the paramahamsa mantra, and his nature is Shiva.”

Melbourne, Australia

When I read the beginning of this verse, I recognized that I tend to think of taking refuge as a sign of weakness—an escape from my difficulties. However, as I continued to read about the glories of Shri Guru, my heart melted open. I realize that my Guru is the very source of my strength, my shakti. My heart truly yearns to rest, to take refuge, at the feet of Shri Guru.

Massachusetts, United States