Meditation on the Guru

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Whenever I read Baba’s words from Play of Consciousness, “Meditation on the Guru,” an immense desire for doing sadhana arises in my heart.

I love to meditate on the Guru.

Pune, India

As I began to read Baba’s words, time slowed. Each word held a living fullness, as if I was hearing Baba speak directly to me. When Baba said that meditation on the Guru is “the life breath of Siddha Yoga,” I became still, letting his words sink into me. An image of Bade Baba arose. Initially, I felt I was in his presence. I saw Bade Baba’s beautiful, big hands, his feet; and I felt the vast, loving power of his being. Then, I became aware that this presence was within me, in my heart.
Since then, I have been aware of holding Bade Baba in my heart. Each time I bring my attention to my heart, there he is. There, in my being, as me, is the vast loving power of the Guru.
What a priceless treasure your words are, Baba!

Melbourne, Australia

My first experience of meditation on the Guru happened when I was new to Siddha Yoga. I was at Shree Muktananda Ashram sitting in the meditation hall. My attention drifted around the room only to land on the large photograph of Baba Muktananda at the front of the hall. As I looked at the photo, I noticed Baba’s posture. He appeared completely at rest and at ease, and yet his body seemed full of energy, as if he might jump up at any moment and spring into action. As I became aware of that balance between rest and energy, I suddenly felt that same balance in my own body. I felt as if I had stepped inside Baba’s body, and for a few moments I was experiencing his state. The sensation lingered for quite a long time.

This experience—given to me spontaneously—became a lasting lesson in how to meditate on the Guru, and an insight into the benefits of doing so. So when Baba assures us that one “becomes like the object on which he meditates,” I know, by my experience, that the power of this practice can truly make us one with the Guru.

Massachusetts, United States