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Homage to Lord Shiva, the Self of All

Verses from Scriptural Texts Studied on the Siddha Yoga Path

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Since childhood, I have prayed by repeating these verses without knowing their literal meaning. Now, after many years of repetition, I have read about them and I am amazed at their depth. Recalling that even as a child used to feel the same joy and love that I do now leads me to believe that it was the Guru's grace that had given me such a great experience in my youth.

Navsari, India

What a blessing to be showered by all these verses in honor of Lord Shiva on the occasion of Mahashivaratri! The text of "Ocean of Compassion" feels very deep and strong to me. I immediately decided to make it part of my nightly prayer before going to sleep. When I do this, I can feel its power embracing my whole being.

Mersin, Turkey