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Baba's Birthday

In Celebration of Mother’s Day

Homage to Mother's by Baba Muktananda
Baba Muktananda, Play of Consciousness (South Fallsburg, NY: SYDA Foundation, 2000), p. xv.
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Over the years, reading these words of Baba's has given me the understanding and experience that my mother, and all mothers, are so sacred—for they give life. What an astonishing gift to be given!
I am grateful to Baba for this incredibly important teaching in my life.

Canterbury, Australia

The thought of Baba bowing to me—and to my mother and her mother, makes me understand more fully the deeply sacred and privileged role that we have shared. I feel love and wonder and send my pranams back through time to those mothers before me.

Thank you, Gurumayi. Thank you, Baba.

 Adelaide , Australia