Global Expressions of Gratitude

Global Expressions of Gratitude

Everywhere you go on the globe, you discover the human heart seeking to express gratitude in unique and beautiful ways. Everywhere you travel on this earth, be it by foot, plane, train, or the virtual landscape of the internet, you find that people of all cultures value the expression of gratitude.

In some cultures, expressions of “thank you” are valued when given in words. In others, it is best conveyed through material objects or deeds, such as taking care of neighbors. Some cultures express gratitude through the art of bowing, and in one native tribe of North America, a guest shows gratitude by eating every bite served by their host with great relish. Many cultures celebrate the time of harvest by giving thanks for the bounty of Mother Earth. And almost every culture has traditional ceremonies and rituals that show their gratitude to the Supreme Power of the universe.

Universally, gratitude is recognized as a virtue that brings happiness to both the practitioner and the receiver. It is a virtue practiced and promulgated by the wise ones who understand its great power. Gratitude is one of the divine virtues that Gurumayi teaches about extensively in her talks and writings.

In this month of November, you, the global Siddha Yoga sangham, are invited to share your favorite proverbs, quotes, and sayings on gratitude from your own country or culture. You may also wish to share a custom or practice of gratitude that is unique, or share about the significance that gratitude plays in your part of the world.

As you share your sweet words and proverbs on gratitude, and read shares from other Siddha Yoga students around the globe, let these golden words of wisdom ripple through your being with joy. Let them deepen your experience and understanding of the practice of gratitude.

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