Reflect on the Siddha Yoga Teachings from 2018

The month of November is a time to reflect on all you have learned and experienced on the Siddha Yoga path in the past year. To support you in doing this, the website will feature teachings from the first ten months of 2018.

Make time during the day to study and contemplate the featured teachings and note your insights in your journal. As you reflect on these teachings, notice the progress you’ve made in your sadhana since the beginning of 2018.

Part I : January – April

Gurumayi's Message ArtworkMeditation on the Sūrya-gāyatrīA Story Within a Story - A Poem by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda
Yudhishthira’s Faithful Companion - Based on a Story from the MahabharataLove in Action 2018 by GurumayiŚrī Śiva Mānasa Pūjā - The Mental Worship of Lord Shiva
Poetry of Saints and SiddhasWitness Consciousness by GurumayiStillness in Every Breath
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