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The Seva Profile

The Seva Profile is the primary means by which Siddha Yogis who wish to support the work of the SYDA Foundation – to protect, preserve, and facilitate the dissemination of the Siddha Yoga teachings – can provide information about their skills, experience, and availability to offer seva.

Before accessing, completing, and submitting a Seva Profile, please read and agree to the privacy notice, below.

Privacy Policy

Checking the two boxes below is necessary to access and submit a Seva Profile.

Privacy Notice (Checking the box below is required for accessing and submitting a Seva Profile.)

I agree that any personal data I submit to the SYDA Foundation in relation to the Seva Profile will be treated in accordance with the SYDA Foundation Privacy Policy. I consent to the processing and storage of my personal information exclusively by the SYDA Foundation and its third-party service providers for

  • the purpose of informing the SYDA Foundation about my professional skills and experience, education, seva history, availability for seva, and other personal information related to offering seva
  • other purposes specified in the SYDA Foundation Privacy Policy

I also agree that before I submit any personal information of other individuals to SYDA Foundation in relation to the Skills Profile for Seva, for example, family members and references, I will have first obtained their consent to do so.