Shaktipat Intensive 2019

About Shakti Butler

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Shakti Butler began following the Siddha Yoga path after participating in a Shaktipat Intensive in 1987 in Oakland, California. Shakti serves as a Siddha Yoga meditation teacher at the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Oakland, teaching in satsangs and Muktananda Dhyana Saptah: A Siddha Meditation Event. She also serves as a home and visiting sevite in the SYDA Foundation.

Shakti holds a PhD in transformative learning and change and is the founder and president of World Trust Educational Services, a nonprofit social justice organization. She lives in Oakland with her husband, Shiva.

A Siddha Yoga Satsang
Merging with the Self

The Significance of the Siddha Yoga Shaktipat Intensive

Audio Webcast

Taught by Siddha Yoga Meditation Teacher Shakti Butler

Participating in the webcast of this satsang will support your preparation for the Siddha Yoga Shaktipat Intensive in honor of Baba Muktananda’s Mahasamadhi. There is no fee for this event.

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I felt this satsang was a beautiful overture to the Siddha Yoga Shaktipat Intensive. After participating in the satsang, I experienced a profound state of inner peace. As an overture, it opened me up to a vista of the tremendous potential of what is to come during the Intensive.

London, United Kingdom

As I listened to the teacher enumerate reasons why we might be wanting to participate in the Shaktipat Intensive, I heard, "Expand my experience of love." With a deep smile I realized that she had just put into words exactly what I have been aiming for in recent months. Once again, the Siddha Yoga teachings are in synchrony with my deepest wish, speaking directly to me where I am.

Auroville, India

As the Siddha Yoga meditation teacher spoke about pratimilana, merging with the Self, I saw myself as a beautiful princess on a jeweled throne. Just as a crown was being placed on my head, I became formless and disappeared. A wondrous feeling arose—a sense of joy and perfection, but it was not associated with being any particular person.

I am so grateful to experience during Intensives the delightful sense of the Self, and of Shakti, who works in mysterious ways—sometimes dramatically, other times subtly—and anchors me more firmly in the bliss of the Self.

Connecticut, USA

As one who has taken many Shaktipat Intensives, I experienced this satsang as profound and very helpful.  I felt calm, in touch with my Self.

Winnipeg, Canada