A Teaching from Baba Muktananda
about the Siddha Yoga Shaktipat Intensive

In this rare audio recording, Baba Muktananda speaks about the significance of the Shaktipat Intensive as it relates to one’s own life. The recording is excerpted from a talk Baba gave during a Shaktipat Intensive in Santa Monica, California on October 25, 1980.

Prepare yourself to receive Baba’s teaching by taking a comfortable posture and focusing on the natural flow of your breathing for a few moments. After you have listened to Baba’s teaching, sit quietly and reflect on its meaning.

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The archival audio recording and photos of Baba Muktananda were provided by Shakti Punja, the Siddha Yoga Archives. The English translation was narrated by Jasraj Naderi.
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