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Experiences of Siddha Yogis Creating Artwork
on Gurumayi’s Message for 2017

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These creative expressions along with the artists’ statements are rekindling the inspiration I have found from time to time in my own artistic explorations this year. I’m so grateful for this unexpected treasure.

New York, USA

Reading about the artists’ process of creating artwork on Gurumayi’s Message, I saw similarities to the process I follow when I teach science to my adolescent students.

Like the artists, I first sit with the Message. Then I reflect on how to practice the Message when teaching that day. Later, everything unfolds in a spontaneous way. I have realized that the class is like a painting. The actions of students and teacher are the paint on the canvas of the classroom. Events that transpire there as a result of this process leave me exhilarated, amused, intrigued, even wonderstruck.

Washington, USA

I feel drawn to revisit the creative expressions and the artists’ experiences again and again. The depth of response to Gurumayi’s Message that I find here fills me with humility and gratitude.

In meditation the other day I was drawn to pay more attention to the swirling colors I found within me. I imagined my Self as a painter and delighted in the variety and beauty evident in my own soul.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your Message and for eliciting the abundance of beauty and wisdom that we can enjoy and learn from in this gallery.

Massachusetts, USA

Looking at the many "creative expressions" of Gurumayi's Message all at once is very soothing, quieting, and softening for me. It feels rather like seeing the sweet music of a flute.

Sydney, Australia

What I have always so loved about walking the Siddha Yoga path is that it is always experiential. Over the years Gurumayi has invited us all to explore the teachings and our inner insights in creative ways. I studied art in school but afterwards, due to work life, I pretty much let that aspect of myself lie dormant.
Now many years later I am thrilled to explore expressing my inner world in my art. I have begun to take a painting class every week. Inspired by these artistic expressions on the Siddha Yoga path website, I also dedicated my art class time to contemplating Gurumayi's Message, most particularly about light. I had no idea that a whole vast inner exploration would emerge. It feels like falling in love. How marvelous!
Thank you, Gurumayi, for the invitation to be creative, and for sharing your inspiring creativity with us.

New York, USA

As someone who does not always connect readily with art, I found this new gallery, "Experiences of Siddha Yogis Creating Artwork on Gurumayi's Message for 2017" to be fascinating! The pairing up of each creative expression with the artist's explanation guides me to a better understanding—both of the artistic processes followed by the different artists and of the ways in which they have been inspired to allow their creative process to expand their own understanding of Gurumayi’s Message. So they teach me about art and about the limitless creativity of the Shakti in guiding each of us to connect with our Guru's teachings.

Oregon, USA