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Workbook on Gurumayi's Message for 2019

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Implementing Week 31 of the workbook has been very beneficial for me. As I've been following Gurumayi's teaching, my posture has improved to the point where I have less back pain and can finally stand up straight. Practicing Gurumayi's teaching also lightened my mind and filled my being with so much light.

I am very grateful for this teaching and experience.

San Felipe, Mexico

Studying with the workbook and reflecting on the weekly questions and exercises has deepened my understanding of Gurumayi’s Message for 2019. I am more able to find contentment and greater meaning in what I do, to find techniques to refine what I do, and to have a serene mind.

My meditation practice has also changed significantly as a result. I meditate for longer periods of time, and I am better able to focus my mind on the breath and the mantra hamsa while resting in a state of expanded awareness.

I am most grateful to Gurumayi for making available this study tool that enables me to experience the richness of the Siddha Yoga teachings.

Nottingham, United Kingdom

My every encounter with the Workbook is like having a personal conversation with Gurumayi. Each week as I open the Workbook on Gurumayi’s Message, I feel myself stepping into a shrine of wisdom, sacred and serene. After pausing for a few quiet breaths, I read her question for the week and begin my study by recording her words in my journal.

Sometimes I feel an immediate connection: "Of course!" At other times, complete puzzlement. Yet within moments, insights begin to arise, one after another. I question. My Guru listens. She prompts me. Inspiration comes to life. Holding my awareness with total focus, I record each word that comes to me, comes through me. When the flow stops, I bow my head in reverence and in wonder.

In this intimate darshan, with my heart open and trusting, I receive Shri Guru's responses to my deepest questions, while at the same time understanding that this is my own wisdom arising from within. Wisdom to practice, to live by, and to share.

California, United States

Studying with this workbook, I am bringing into focus my relationship with my own mind. How significant this is, because this relationship shapes how I experience my life every day! Here is an example of how my focus is becoming refined.
I began meditation this morning by thinking of Gurumayi, speaking with her inwardly, recalling all her qualities that I love and value so much, and thanking her. I imagined Gurumayi's radiant smile and strong, joyful voice. In this way my mind began to meditate on love and to fill with light. 
Then I noticed that I was watching this conversation  as if it were taking place far away from me—in a different land. Like a lens refocusing, my mind then brought the conversation in close—as close as my breath and my heart. I became aware of Gurumayi's love, my love, our love, the great love at the heart of all things. These words arose: “Heart of my heart, my own Self.”

Castlemaine, Australia

Receiving Gurumayi’s questions every week is a great boon for me. When my own questions meet Gurumayi’s questions, I experience a great light within. Sometimes this light expresses itself in the form of concrete ideas and, at other times, as a deep understanding that guides me and elicits strength and joy.
I am practicing contemplation regularly. I find that when I let Gurumayi’s questions permeate my consciousness, they bolster my stamina and commitment to establish a link with the Heart, instant by instant.

Ramonville-Saint-Agne, France

The workbook has added a spark to my spiritual awakening as I connect my intentions with my daily activities. I read the weekly question and develop the assigned task with effort, growing understanding, and great joy. I am grateful for this opportunity to deepen my sadhana on the spiritual path!

Ohio, United States

I recently began using this workbook, and I find it a supportive and fruitful method for studying Gurumayi’s Message. The activities are accessible, fun, and a creative way to explore Gurumayi's teachings with my body, mind, and heart.
As I do the exercises in the workbook, each teaching comes alive for me in a deeper, fuller way, and I am able to connect to it in the context of my own life.
I am so grateful to have this concrete, step-by-step way to study and uncover the gems for me in Gurumayi’s Message.

California, United States