Celebrating Lord Ganesh through Chanting

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Chanting Mangaladata Kripasindhu

Introduction by Narayani Italiano

One delightful way to honor Lord Ganesh and celebrate his birthday, Ganesh Jayanti, is by chanting Mangaladata Kripasindhu. In this namasankirtana, we invoke the presence of the beloved elephant-headed deity by chanting his name and the divine qualities he represents—auspiciousness and compassion—while connecting with the joy in our own hearts. Just as an elephant moving through a dense forest clears a pathway that other animals may use to pass with ease, on the Siddha Yoga path we can invoke Lord Ganesh to remove obstacles in our lives and on the path of sadhana, the goal of which is to become established in the bliss of our own Self.

Each time I chant Mangaladata Kripasindhu, I am captivated by the happiness that sweeps over me. Written and composed by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, the words and melody of this chant invite us to experience the pure sweetness of the Heart. The melody is set in the Bhupali raga, which is perfect for a chant honoring Lord Ganesh as it evokes the feelings of joy and deep peace within.

As for the lyrics, I would like to draw your attention to the word modakapriya, “the one who loves modaka sweets.” Modakapriya is one of Lord Ganesh’s names, and the meaning behind his love of these sweets goes beyond his enjoyment of their delicious ingredients. The word modaka derives from the Sanskrit root mud, meaning “to be merry” or “to delight in.” These sweets represent Lord Ganesh’s love of the sweet bliss of the Self and of the spiritual practices that lead seekers to the experience of their own innate joy. As I connect to the glory of Lord Ganesh through chanting, I can feel the grace of his names clearing the way to the space of the Heart. The words jaya ganesha—“victory to Lord Ganesh”—have such a celebratory tone, inspiring us to chant along and connect to the powerful attributes and joyful nature of Lord Ganesh.

You can listen to and chant along with this recording of Mangaladata Kripasindhu at any time during your day: before you meditate or whilst preparing food, sitting quietly in reflection, playing with your children or pets, or taking a walk. As you do, allow the words and melody to resonate throughout your entire being and open you to the source of sweet joy within.

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