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Reading Verse 37 of Shri Guru Gita, I understood that it is through the Guru’s love that I feel great love for my daughter. I also realized that when I am experiencing love for my daughter, I am experiencing the Guru’s love.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for being so present in my life and for guiding me to experience love, respect, and compassion in this wonderful world.

NiterĂ³i, Brazil

Verse 37 of Shri Guru Gita has always been particularly dear to me.
When my son was born with a significant disability, I was utterly at a loss as to how to proceed. I offered my situation to the Guru, and so began my sadhana in earnest. Gurumayi has taught me, shown me, encouraged me, challenged me to see beyond the surface, to understand the true nature of the Self—and to love the life I was given, not mourn one I hadn’t received.
Our family has become more dear to me than I could have imagined, and my relationship with the world is utterly transformed. While I may not know exactly where we go from here, I know how we will proceed: by the light of Shri Guru, with whole hearts and thankful minds.
I give thanks for Shri Guru Gita which gives me both a way to express my love, and to continue absorbing more of the mysterious, illuminating, life-sustaining power of the Guru. To say that I owe my existence to Shri Guru is a simple, magnificent truth.

Washington, United States