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Sweet Surprise 2020

A Dialogue between Guru and Disciples

Sweet Surprise 2020

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I was moved to see how such profoundly uplifting wisdom is found among people and cultures all over the world. A deep connection to Mother Earth and to nature seems integral to experiencing that state of profound wisdom.

New York, United States

Each quotation is so alive, so shimmering with compassion, so filled with shakti and grace. I feel Gurumayi's presence in each of these beautiful selections, as if she is saying, "Yes! These are the great teachings from cultures around the world. We share them with you now, knowing that they will nourish and uplift you, knowing that they will protect you. Make them your own—and find the poetry and wisdom that are in your own heart and soul. Revel and delight in your own exquisite intentions, wishes, visions, dreams,­ and prayers." 

New York, United States

I feel such gratitude for the posting of A Dialogue between Guru and Disciples. While reading the Navajo poem, my awareness suddenly dropped deep into my heart. I felt right then that I had merged with the entire universe in all its aspects. I wish to keep this experience close to me at all times.

Massachusetts, United States

My mind stilled and the world seemed to pause as I read Gurumayi's questions and the rich and beautiful responses. I am inspired to contemplate and refresh my own answers to these profound questions that take me to the core of my sadhana.

California, United States