The Power of Listening to Learn—The Power of Learning to Listen

Taught by Swami Ishwarananda

Audio Webcast from Shree Muktananda Ashram

In this audio webcast, Swami Ishwarananda speaks about how you can prepare to receive the Message from Gurumayi in Sweet Surprise.

This audio webcast is available in English, French, Hindi, and Spanish and does not require registration. Transcripts of this audio webcast are available in German, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese.

You may listen to the audio webcast as many times as you wish in order to review the points Swami Ishwarananda makes.

You are welcome to invite family and friends who might participate in Sweet Surprise for the first time to listen to this audio webcast by Swami Ishwarananda. To participate in this webcast:

  • Schedule a time that allows you to participate without interruption. The webcast is approximately 23 minutes in length.
  • Create a comfortable space free from distraction.
  • Bring items to support you in sitting comfortably, such as a meditation cushion, asana, etc.
  • You may pause the webcast at any time.

By launching this webcast, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

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About Swami Ishwarananda

bio photo Copyright SYDA Foundation

Swami Ishwarananda has been following the Siddha Yoga path for more than forty years. In 1980, he took monastic vows to become a Siddha Yoga Swami. Swami ji serves Gurumayi as a Siddha Yoga meditation teacher, and he has traveled throughout the world to teach in satsangs, courses, Sadhana Retreats, and Shaktipat Intensives.

Swami ji teaches with great clarity and wit, encouraging students to discover for themselves the essence of the Siddha Yoga teachings and practices. He especially loves to teach students how to meditate.