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November 14, 2015

Dear All,

On Friday, November 13, a series of coordinated terrorist attacks occurred in Paris, France.  There was considerable loss of life and many casualties.  The Board of Trustees of the SYDA Foundation has been in contact with leadership in France about this tragedy.  They have been in touch with the Siddha Yogis in Paris, and everyone they have contacted is safe and unharmed.

Countless lives are lost every day around the world from acts of terrorism and human aggression in all its many forms.  People also suffer from natural disasters that tear apart their communities.  As we come to hear about these on a daily and sometimes hourly basis, we offer our Siddha Yoga practices, prayers and blessings to uplift those affected by the tragic events in Paris, as well as around the world every day.

On Saturday, November 14 in Shree Muktananda Ashram, staff and visiting sevites gathered in the Bhagavan Nityananda Temple in Anugraha and sang Jnaneshwar Maharaj‚Äôs hymn, Pasayadan, and chanted the mantra Om Namah Shivaya to offer prayers and blessings.

The Siddha Yoga path and spiritual practices bring love, hope, solace, and peace in all times.  Let us continue to offer our practices and prayers for the people of Paris and for all humanity as a global sangham, for the benefit of all.

Warm regards,

SYDA Foundation Board of Trustees