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Canto do Povo de um Lugar Canto do Povo de um Lugar

We Brazilians are known for our love of community. Our love for being amongst other people, of human warmth.

So during these times of retreat, this golden opportunity to be in the Temple, together with Siddha Yogis from all over the world, is a particularly heartwarming blessing.

The song I’m about to perform, Canto do povo de um lugar, the song of a people of a place, is by Caetano Veloso, and it is a celebration song.

A celebration of being together in community, honoring the cycles of nature.

This song has been on my mind lately, as it translates how much I value and appreciate the sacred bond of community. Sangham.

And in this song the community gathers to celebrate the cycles of nature. The warmth of the everyday sun, the saffron hue of sunset, the gentleness of the moon.

In this way, the song brings my heart to Bade Baba’s presence—like nature, always changing, always resplendent.