Āza Uttama Sudina
An Abhanga by Eknath Maharaj

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Click “Play” to listen to the abhanga, Āza Uttama Sudina, sung by Viju Kulkarni
Abhanga - Āza Uttama Sudina

About Eknath Maharaj

Eknath Maharaj (c 1533–99) was a scholar and poet-saint in the Bhakti tradition. Eknath lived with his family in the village of Paithan, in Maharashtra, India, and he composed over 4,000 devotional songs in the Hindi and Marathi languages. Eknath also wrote commentaries on some of the great scriptures of India, and he translated these scriptures from Sanskrit into Marathi. Eknath’s compositions in Marathi, the common vernacular, made his teachings accessible to people throughout Maharashtra. It was Eknath’s Guru, Janardan Swami, who instructed him to teach for the upliftment of all.

This year, by the lunar calendar, Eknath Maharaj’s punyatithi is celebrated on March 7.

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